This Week's Vintage Vault...

Some of our favorite, most exceptional vintage pieces are in this week's vault drop! From a classic puffed heart charm to our favorite Victorian-era pieces, these charms and pendants are true heirlooms to cherish forever.
Our Victorian Etched Locket features two unique etching motifs on each side. One side has a diagonal stripe pattern with a leaf design, while the other side has a fanned stripe motif that curves to the edges. Interior features two compartments for photos. A true stunner in yellow gold and diamonds, our Victorian Pocket Watch features 5 gypsy-set diamonds forming a loose pentagram shape. Edges are engraved in an all-over scrolling leaf pattern. The double-sided case (by Elite Watch Co.) opens on one side to reveal a Waltham Watch Co movement, while the second side reveals the watch face. (Waltham movement serial number dates from 1908-1909.)
Our founder, Meg, almost passed up the gorgeous Fleur de Lys locket, but luckily flipped it over to see the classic motif engraved and enhanced with four diamonds. The second side features a capital letter "F" engraved in a traditional Gothic capital font. One of our favorite classics, this small puffed charm elevates the traditional gold heart with a gypsy-set diamond solitaire for an extra dose of sparkle. Add any of these to your favorite necklace or bracelet to wear on their own or as part of your unique collection - the possibilities are endless!
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