This Week's Vintage Vault!

One of our favorite things about collecting vintage charms is they way they remind us of our most-loved hobbies and special memories. This week's vintage vault is all about the little moments we love and remember best. 

A playful Nantucket basket with a working handle and lid will transport you to summers by the sea, while a slot machine commemorates a first trip to Las Vegas. For the musically inclined, a baby grand piano is accented with a pair of gypsy-set diamonds on its lid that can be raised and lowered. Or, a delicate pair of articulated opera glasses to remember that romantic date - they're even engraved with the phrase "love is blind"! Our stunning diamond-encrusted safety pin is perfect for new mothers and is one of our favorites to wear both as a charm or pendant and also as a brooch!

Designed to be eternal heirlooms, this collection for our vintage vault is truly timeless and meaningful for every generation. Remember, there's only one of each of these special charms, so once they're gone, they are gone forever!

Jewelry featured in this post includes:


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