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When it comes to layering necklaces in a signature style, our owner Meg is the master! The look is all in the mix with the most important thing being finding pieces that are significant to you: a symbol of a special occasion, your hobbies, or something inherited from a family member, for instance. All of them will combine to make a collection that is uniquely yours.
New & Vintage:
We like to mix vintage charms with some new 14k gold pieces from our engravable collection. These charms can be customized with monograms, names, dates, or a short greeting to make it extra special. One of our favorite combinations is our Large Disc Charm engraved with a block monogram, paired with a vintage heart locket, and maybe a playful vintage novelty charm too. In this image, Meg wears our Heart Charm and Medium Disc Charm (both engraved) with our vintage Jade Figa Charm. It's paired with our glorious vintage Star Moon Locket on its own necklace. 
Consider how your charms will mix together, noting their sizes and textures. Play, rearrange, and regroup until you find your favorite combination. The beauty of charms is that you can move them around in any combination that strikes your fancy! A group of three or four charms will look balanced and intriguing with one or two large charms mixed with smaller ones. Or, keep your charms in a consistent size so their scale balances well. In this image, Meg wears our new Heart Locket with two vintage charms in roughly the same size: Scallop Shell Charm & Large Globe Charm.
Feel free to mix smooth with rough, pavé diamonds with brushed gold. This makes the combination interesting while it also honors the unique qualities of each charm. In this image, Meg wears our Diamond Safety Pin as a pendant with one of our vintage Heart Padlocks and a Poodle Dog Charm.
In this image, Meg wears three different lengths of necklaces with charms. The top necklace sits at 18", and the second (our vintage Snake Pendant with Diamond) sits at 20" in length, and have just one charm each. The bottom necklace measures 32" in length and has the mix mentioned above of the Heart Locket, Large Globe Charm, and Sea Shell Charm. This works well on the longer necklace since the chain (and where it falls on the body) allows for more room for the three charms. The shorter necklaces sit much higher on the neck and chest, so having just one charm makes them look more dainty and balanced.
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