Our Ixtapa Swirls are an Everyday Vacation!

Ahhhh Ixtapa! Just saying the name conjures a feeling of sunshine and sea breezes. This is exactly the mood our owner/designer Meg was in when she created our fabulous Ixtapa Swirls

Composed of a totem of four graduated swirls in 24k gold fill, the Ixtapa Swirls carry the sun's warming rays wherever they go. They look fabulous with a breezy dress and sun-kissed skin, but we also love them as an everyday way to dress up a basic blouse and jeans. 

You'll be surprised how often you'll want to "go to Ixtapa" once you have these in your collection! With their bright gold finish you'll find that they are the perfect way to take an otherwise boring look to polished perfection. 

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