How to Build a Charm Necklace

Charm necklaces are everywhere! They are classic, feminine, and tell wonderful stories. It's the trend everyone is wearing, so how do you begin to create yours? Here is a simple step-by-step guide to curating your own unique charm necklace that will surely become one of your favorite heirlooms.
Step 1 - Choose Your Chain
To curate a signature piece the foundation is the place to start! We offer two styles of chain in five different lengths so you can make your necklace something you will love to wear every day, and even layer with other necklaces. Our classic Cable Chain is available in 16", 18" or 20", while our Flat Chain is available in 24" or 30".
For reference, a 16" chain will land right at the base of your throat, an 18" will land slightly below it, and a 20" will land just above your breastbone. A 24" or 30" chain will land around the bustline or midriff.
Step 2 - Choose Your Anchor Charm
We recommend selecting your largest charm first so you can build your detail pieces from large to small. We recommend our Large Disc Charm or Heart Charm as your base, or even our beautiful Heart Locket!
Step 3 - Layer in the Vintage
With your anchor charm in place, select a vintage charm that appeals to you. This may be an heirloom piece that you have on-hand, or one of our vintage charms available to purchase. A vintage charm is the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion, hobby, or vacation with a small memento you can keep forever.
Step 4 - Make it Personal
Add a small engraved charm, such as our Small Disc Charm, with a simple monogram or special date, or perhaps a Boy or Girl Silhouette charm to commemorate the birth of your little ones. We love our Diamond Engravable Disc Charm for an elevated heirloom piece, or our Gypsy Set Diamond Charm for a more modern look, especially with a single letter engraved to offset the diamond.
Shop both our engravable and vintage pieces to select your favorite charms and start building your own necklace today!

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