How Meg Styled our Summer Statement Earrings!

It's summertime at last! Vacations, long weekends, kids at camp, and a slower pace are all in order. We love summer's easy-breezy styles too - the cooling comfort of fluttery tops and sundresses is something we've been looking forward to since the spring. But how do you give them that extra bit of oomph so that they don't come off as too, well, casual? A great pair of earrings should do the trick! In this post, we're showing you three statement styles that can go from day to rosé in a snap!
New for our summer season, the Sea Cliff Hoops feature a beautiful fan of baguette-shaped moonstones that seem to create their own rainbows whenever you move. These stunning eye-catchers elevate the everyday hoop into something truly memorable. Wear with a classic shirt dress or casual linen shirt and let these hoops shine!

Our Jetsam Drops serve a great bit of contrast that will keep everyone guessing. The delicate teardrop shaped labradorite stone at the top finishes with a sleek bar drop into our new sea urchin motif for a bit of unexpected texture. Glam but dainty, these will become your new favorites to wear with!

A little bit modern, a little bit retro, our Tombolo Drops feature a stunning mix of golden metal and our classic moonstones. It's business at the top with a simple earring and party at the bottom with a "disco ball" studded with small moonstone cabochons. Swinging and sassy, these drops look especially great with strappy tops and dresses!
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