Ferry Building Field Trip

Hellooo, summer! What better way to spend a sunny day in San Francisco than exploring the Ferry Building and picking up treats from the Farmer's Market? In addition to the Blue Bottle drip coffee, Cowgirl Creamery cheeses, and Hog Island oyster platter crowd favorites (all of which are amazing) ... here's a list of less known gems that have become our recent go-to indulgences.

1. Frozen Hot Chocolate at Dandelion Chocolate

Ah-mazing! And topped with cocoa nib infused whipped cream...need we say more?

2. Lavender Sugar Scrub at Eatwell Farms.

3. Caramelized Belgian Style Liege Waffle at Blue Bottle Coffee

Make sure to snatch one up early in the day because they stop serving them at 2pm

4. Delicious Marmalades at Frog Hollow Farm.

5. Rosé all Day Sherbet at Humphry Slocombe

Served this month only! Made from Domaine Carneros Sparkling Brut Rosé. Yum.  

6. Yogurt Parfait at Boulettes Larder

Because maybe the waffle and frozen hot chocolate weren't enough...?

7. Lightly Salted Almond Butter at G.L. Alfieri



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