Cocktail Ring Cocktail Hour: Zelda Ring and a Classic Martini

It's Friday and we love nothing more than a proper cocktail to say a fond farewell to the week! With that in mind, we thought we would start to serve up some of our favorite cocktail recipes with some of our favorite cocktail rings as an inspiration...
Our stunning Zelda ring is a true compliment magnet. A modern update to the classic "evil eye" motif, this ring has a distinctly art deco vibe, inspiring the name "Zelda" after Zelda Fitzgerald.  The design features an oval-shaped lapis center stone surrounded by 10 baguette-shaped moonstones. A truly glamorous cocktail ring, the motif measures just over an inch tall by 7/8" inch wide.  
According to legend, both Zelda and her husband Scott Fitzgerald loved their martinis, which no doubt fueled a lot of the "mad" antics of this couple... So, to kick of your weekend with a little bit of madness, we offer you a classic martini recipe, courtesy of Esquire Magazine.
4 ounces Gin
1 ounce Dry Vermouth (we like Dolin Blanc)
1 cocktail glass
1 lemon twist or 2 olives on a toothpick
(To make your martini "dirty" simply add a dash of olive juice to the mix.)
Fill a cocktail shaker or pitcher with ice. Pour in the Dry Vermouth and stir briefly to coat the sides of the shaker. Strain or pour out the vermouth. Add your Gin to the shaker and stir briskly for at least 10 seconds. Then strain into your cocktail glass and garnish with your lemon twist or olives.

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