Behind the Scenes of Our Vintage Charm Collection

Ever wonder about the story behind our vintage charm collections? Meg developed our charm collection with her grandmother's charm bracelet as inspiration. She designed our customizable charm collection but wanted to also have vintage charms to mix in with them. The sentimental charms (hearts with an inscription, childrens' silhouettes,) are all quirky and fun and tell unique stories. Each one speaks to a travel memory, fun passion or hobby.  

We are always on the hunt to find beautiful vintage charms, but this past spring Meg made a cross-country trip to the Brimfield Antique Show to source some special vintage pieces. 

The Brimfield Antique Show takes place in Brimfield, Massachusetts three times a year in May, July, and September. There are endless treasures to be found. In addition to some gorgeous vintage charms, Meg also found some cool vintage lights for her new house, a few small pieces of furniture, and lots of art! Jewelry is a small part of the Brimfield show, as most of the show is furniture and antiques, but we stumbled upon some amazing finds and have brought them back for you!

"We didn't find any charms or lockets from this exhibitor but I did love their mix of antique pieces..particularly all the victorian cameos..." -Meg

"These butterfly prints were from the 1700s and painted with hand-mixed colors. I'm still regretting not scooping them up!" - Meg

Meg's tips if you decide to go to Brimfield:

    • May can be really muddy so make sure to wear appropriate footwear and a bunch of layers. This year was freezing and super muddy.
    • For the best finds, go early in the morning. The shows open at 6 or 7am and a lot of the best pieces are gone by 10!
    • Cash is king and credit cards are often not bring cash or your checkbook for ease of buying.
    • Negotiate! Most sellers are willing to budge on their pricing, so it doesn't hurt to offer below sticker price.

Shop our Vintage Vault to see some of our favorite vintage finds, and mix them with our custom engravable charms to create your own signature look!

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