Meet Idra

One of my biggest sources of inspiration comes from traveling. A few summers ago my husband, Lane, and I traveled to Marrakech (this is the post from our trip) and fell in love with the city's amazing architecture, bustling markets, warm people, and stunning beauty. If it's on your travel bucket list you must go!

We stayed in the most lovely place called Riad Idra. The woman who runs the Riad, Karine, was absolutely wonderful and we loved getting to know her and everyone who worked there. You might notice that a few pieces in our current collection are named Idra (Idra Drops, Petite Idra Pendant, Idra Pendant). Idra means "fig" and it was here in Marrakech that much of our present collection was sketched and conceived.

I'll be sharing more of my favorite parts of Marrakech next week!

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