Christina Bryant of St. Frank

Christina Bryant, founder and CEO of St. Frank, is as talented as she is philanthropic. St. Frank is a unique boutique that brings rare and beautiful handcrafted pieces from all over the world together in harmony with modern design. We are in awe of how Christina and her team fulfill St. Frank's mission to both support economic empowerment for artisans and to preserve traditional artisanal craft effortlessly on a daily basis.

What inspired you to launch St. Frank?

I am passionate about supporting economic opportunity for people in under-resourced settings. I also love discovering and enjoying the world's wide variety of artistic expression. I started St. Frank to make the unique and beautiful art I found in isolated communities accessible to people everywhere.

What is the best part of owning your own business?

Being able to bring people - suppliers, my team, and our collectors - together around a shared love of beauty, history, travel, and social impact.

What is the most memorable moment that has happened in your store?

Entertaining in our store after hours - our opening party, small tastemaker dinners, and events where we've hosted customers and their friends for wine and relaxation. Those moments allowed us to use the store as a live and lived-in St. Frank home.

What is one piece of advice you have for a budding shop owner?

I love our brick + mortar stores (in addition to our online store) because there is a magic that happens when you create a holistic environment for the brand to come to life and for customers to walk in and take part that just cannot be created online. There is nothing like selling in person because you have the opportunity to meet and develop long-lasting relationships with your customers. It's an incredible opportunity to get customer feedback, too.

If there was one thing you would want people to know about your brand, what would it be?

We are offering a new luxury bohemian lifestyle that is rooted in creating a home filled with rich stories of cultures from around the world, based in values of sustainability and ethical sourcing. Our goal is making the world at large and your home within it a better place.

3665 Sacramento Street, San Francisco CA 94118


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